When approached with a brief to redesign a transmitter casing for extra circuit boards to accepted for customised used as well as different mounting setup and keeping the new unit compact and easy to service as with the original.

We asked the client to send us the original unit as well as the new circuit board. Once received we stripped anything that was redundant and started looking at positioning, locating and securing the boards as well as the casing covers.

When we had the initial design we produced a proof of concept 3D print to check the fitment as well as ease of use and the overall look of the unit. Any alterations that were needed were made, including some very slight changes to how the main cover is secured. A second proof of concept print was then produce and checked. Happy with the design its usability we packaged up the unit with all the circuit boards in place and sent it out to the client. On receipt of the unit and after their testing and checks we were then asked to quote for the manufacture of the transmitter casing for small batch production.

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