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Product design provides is a process the brings or develops an initial concept to a fully functioning and final product. With 3D Product Design, many areas are looked at such as intended use, performance and viability of the product, aesthetical appearance, materials, market competitors as well as manufacturing costs. 3D Product Design is a very complex process due to all the varying factors that must be taken in to consideration to deliver a fit for purpose product. Due to this we have implemented a simple but strong system that enables us to meet our clients demands.


All projects are started at the point of research. We would start by looking at the products intended use which allows us to ask the write questions and research the relevant areas required such as potential rival products already on the market, materials and sustainability of such materials, aesthetics of the product manufacturing costs, as well as the trade-offs between aesthetics and manufacturing costs, best manufacturing options for both prototyping and end product manufacture, market price of the product in question and if no such product exists where does it sit in terms of the consumer and or industrial markets?

Once all the relevant research is complete, we can then gain a high level of understanding as to what all the demands and constraints are to the project. This also means we are able to understand the required connection with the end user and the final product meaning giving us the knowledge we need to be able to move forward in the most efficient way possible saving time and money.

The development stage allows us to bring together various concept options for the product with varying changes such as the overall aesthetical feel, size, finish, ergonomic factors and functionality. Throughout this stage our clients are consulted on all the varying product ideas helping us fine tune the correct design for you. By creating various options this gives our clients the freedom to choose a specific design concept or combine various design concepts to suit the requirements of the product.

The design stage is where the concept of product or products come to life. Through using 3D CAD we are then able to fine tuning all the relevant areas of the product as well as allowing us to analyse the design from start to finish ensuring all the concept and design requirements are met. Once a design has been created whether it need alterations or the final design, we are able to render the model giving you the ability to showcase your product prior to manufacture as well as use the render for your potential marketing purposes.

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