Sir Isaac Pitman Bust

Approached by Pitman Training to recreate the Sir Isaac Pitman bust through 3D scanning and 3D printing so they could have busts in each of their training centres.

We had an initial meeting to discuss different materials, colours and finish options that would give the best effect and look that they were wanting. At the close f the meeting we took one of their original busts away to work from. This allowed us to take a 3D scan of the original to produce the replicas from. The scan data was then finalised with any alignment that was needed and turned into a .stl file.

We then loaded the .stl in to our slicing software and set up the file for 3D Printing. It was critical that the print finish of each of the busts was of high quality. The reason for this is because of how detailed and complex the shape is. Essentially cleaning unneeded supports or poorly placed supports could have been costly so it was crucial that setup was perfect.

Once the prints were complete all post processing was done and the supports removed and cleaned up. Felt was the applied to the bottom as with the original and the finished prints were delivered to Pitman training.

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