Portable Bed Platform

When asked to produce a design for a bed platform that was height adjustable, light weight, able to be used with castors or standard feet, collapsible and strong to a tight budget we started by looking at various light weight collapsible camping bed frameworks.

On initial research we found that unless the bed was in one foldout unit it had to be very simple and quick to erect. One fold out unit wouldn't have been possible with the budget and strength to weight limitations and so we settled on an interlocking design that allowed the user to break the bed down into easily stored sections. Having height limitations on extendable legs at both the lowest and highest settings for the castor and fixed feet meant that the castors had to be low profile to ensure we could get the same amount of adjustment as with the feet. The main trestles were an Aluminium extruded box section fabricated unit with the remainder of the design being fabricated out of Aluminium extruded angle.

When finished we provided our client with all the technical drawings which included their own logo as well as 3D models and .dxf files for manufacture. on top of this, due to our ties with manufacturing we were also asked to provide a quote for manufacture for our client to compare when pricing.

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