Suspension Support

Working with the artist Benedict Radcliffe to show case his incredible work of full scale vehicles made solely of stainless steel tubing was a pleasure.

After an initial meeting to discuss what Benedict's art is about and what styles he likes and wants to project through his work we were tasked with the concept of brining Benedict's art into a CGI stylised environment whilst keeping his style and what the meaning of his art stands for.

Through using .stl files from 3D scans we started by placing the car into numerous environments that we created. We then created various effects for how the car would be show cased. 

Once a variety of scenes had been created we had a second meeting. This meeting was to establish the direction Benedict wanted to go in. By giving various options it also opens up for possibilities of mixing up the various scenes as well as giving numerous options and directions. With a definitive direction chosen by Benedict we created the final scenes, again with a couple of options of colour and shade differences.

Benedict then chose his preferred preference and gave us the go ahead to produce the final renders for his marketing. 

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