Custom Titanium Bolts

When commissioned to provide a visual representation of a head phone design we were ask by the client to give slightly different feels whilst staying with a black or white main body. There was a requirement that the head phones needed to represent a modern product with an eloquent yet professional recording studio feel.

All textures of the leather, the plastic and the ear cushions was created for the head phones as well as the colours of the main body and the head band. By keeping the visual look simple with clean colours and subtle changes to the head band between the black and the white was key to keeping within our clients requirements. 

This was a concept visualisation project for marketing and research purposes meaning that using techniques to save the client as must financial impact was critical. By re-using the same textures throughout the different variations was just one of the techniques that we used. Keeping the back drop environment the same as well as the same view angle were part of keeping costs down.

With our client extremely happy with the feel and look of the varying head phone visualisation, all final renders where done and sent the client.

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